Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Commodity of Romance

When it comes to dating, I find I often miss the beat by one quarter note.  On those rare days on which I long for someone to share my meal with, I find my list of contacts useless, yet when I decide to "focus on myself" I find my inbox flooded with prospects. 

It is a unique and special day when I discover exactly what I want, so I suppose today deserves some recognition. As I reflected back on my recent flings with all their perks, peaks, and pitfalls, I defined my ideal relationship:

A strong friendship with he whom I can sleep with whenever I want.

And through that definition, I realized why I have a sudden anxiety towards dating:
Dating Is Romance.
Romance Is A Commodity. 

I hate the idea that in order for someone to show their interest they have to spend money on me. If I had a boyfriend, I would truly appreciate him spending money on me and I would be more than happy to spend mine on him. But this courtship thing rubs me the wrong way. Aside from the hipster fuck-consumerism aspect, I just find it uncomfortable. Forced. Like laughing at your boss's joke.

And then there's that whole, "I'm not your average girl" element. We sickos are so damn quick to inform these dinner-seeking men that a romantic evening is really not our style. We don't look for relationships, we go with the flow, and we'd much rather chill on a park bench with our shoes off. We freak out because if they already want a traditional date, than they probably want a traditional relationship, and we're not a traditional girl, so maybe we should just quit while they still categorize us as normal. 

And we wonder why we fall for the head-cases.

But what if there's some validity in this twisted emotional guard? I really would rather sit on a park bench with my shoes off and exchange Michael Scott impressions than have a candlelit dinner in Tribecca. I really am just seeking a friend I am sexually attracted to who is ready to go at any given time. And if it develops into something exclusive than that's great.
In my head, that's not settling. That's just what I want. That, to me, is a relationship. A friendship with mutual care and support and exclusive physical activity. 

It sounds so simple, yet it's shockingly hard to come by. Perhaps because in wanting the simplest things, I've made myself unattractive. Apparently in order to get what you want you have to want the world. 

I would be more than happy for a platonic relationship to turn into a hookup and then have that hookup turn into something more. But by starting as friends, I can't be seen in terms of a relationship. Because I lacked the dinner, the movie, the upstate vacation, I lacked being seen in a romantic light. 

Last night I ran into a smart, cute, funny guy I'd ran into a few times before. When he asked me if I was available tomorrow I tried suggesting a couple of casual day-lit activities in which we could just hang out and chat. 

Needless to say, tonight at 7:00pm you can find me a beautiful expensive dim-lit dinner in Tribecca, knowing that all I really want is bare feet perched on a park bench and a long talk on the phone.


  1. Generally when women are afraid of romance, they are afraid of the potential to be hurt. By accepting chivalry and courtship, you are putting yourself out there as a "women who wants a relationship" and that's really scary for women like us (haha will I ever stop grouping us off? no!) i think it's simply a deep rooted fear of love for most people, and the hurt that often comes along with it. I too would much rather talk on a park bench and ya know what, I've done it and that person is now my boyfriend and did not start off as a good friend. It's all relative to the guy I guess. May I also mention that you are a women who likes metrosexual men. I don't need to elaborate on that haha

  2. HAHAHAHA your last sentence. point taken.

    annd while i do fully admit a fear of romance and thereby the potential to be hurt, is it wrong that it also makes me cringe? I fear that by accepting it i am saying yes to the male One-Necklace-Nancy and in doing so accepting the title of One Necklace Nancy myself.

    I can't decide which i fear more: being hurt, or being dull.


    I threw up a little bit when I read number 4.

  4. OH. MY. GOD.

    I can't not believe that exists. I.. I.. KANT

    Thank you so much. That will absolutely be my next post.