Saturday, April 25, 2009

I Wish Freud Were Female

Let me preface this by saying I should be sleeping right now. I should definitely be sleeping right now because I'm so tired, I'm watching lost (which i've never seen before and am more interested in why all the women have blue eyes than the plot) so I'm a little distracted, and i have a show tomorrow afternoon. 

But I'm not just physically tired.

I feel like every interaction I've ever had with a male, in any shape or form, involved accommodating his ego. That fucking male ego, that precious jewel that needs shining, that delicate pup that needs stroking.
He needs to know he's a good person. Fine. You're a good person.
He needs to know he's doing well in bed.  Fine. You're doing well in bed. 
He needs to know his jokes are funny. Fine. Hahahahaha.
He needs to know you can be civil after a break up. Fine. Hi, how are you?

But my God what about our egos? Would it be so much to ask for a little validation here and there, you know, maybe one encouraging comment for every 4 we give you? and here's what I don't get: when we call them upset seeking comfort, we are viewed as emotional, needy, or fragile. But what could be more emotional, needy or fragile than a CONSTANT need for validation like that of the male ego? 
I have calluses on my fingers from petting it. 
The hypocrisy of the whole thing has boggled my brains and I'm wiped. 

I'm going to bed.
I'd like to think that tomorrow some guy will massage my ego, and after all, tomorrow's only a day away...
But I'm pretty sure Ginger over here had to chill on the streets for more than 24 hours till before the baldy took her in.


  1. cheers to that Danielle. The male ego is the cause of so many problems in feminism and I feel there is no escape from it. Every single man no matter how nice and sweet has an ego issue that must be stroked till our hands are bloody and raw! from now on perhaps we shouldn't buy into that bullshit and compliment only when it's easier said than done.

  2. It is true, Ms. Rivers, even the kindest of men need a constant ego-message.

    Oh and Darren: HAHAHAHA, thanks.