Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Treeless Seed

Disclaimer: This particular post may be highly cryptic 

When a seed is planted in the ground everyone thinks of the tree that will form from it. But that tree will only grow with proper care. With light and water and a nurturing hand to provide it with those things. With out it, there's no tree. But the seed exists regardless. So I would like, if I may, to focus on the reality- the cold hard facts. The seed that's shoved underground and buried alive. 

I try to look at the beauty in the world. I've always thought it was a beautiful place. I never owned a camera because when I took pictures I felt like I was trying to capture something that was too free to pin down. I didn't want to waste any time looking through a lens in fear I might miss something (that being said, thank you to those who aren't lazy bums and own cameras. Were it not for you, I would have no record of my life. Not to mention a dreadful default on facebook). 

But as we grow up we experience new things. And some of them are bad. And some of them make you feel like you've been mistaken. Some of them make you feel like you've been shoved under ground and buried alive. And as you lie in the cold hard Earth, you wonder if maybe you'll never become a tree. That would require a gentle loving hand, and the only hand you know is the one that forced you in the ground. 

We deserve to see the beauty. We've earned that, it's our right. But when you spend your life being stripped of your naiveté layer by layer, when your pushed further and further away from the sunlight, how do you grow?

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