Wednesday, February 11, 2009

To All The Women of "Generation Meh"

Dear Women,

I suppose I should start by introducing myself. In my future posts I may come off as a middle-aged lesbian living with her 5 cats, bitter about the failure of the Women's Movement in decades past.

Not that there's anything wrong with a woman like that. In fact, I would adore a woman like that. But for the sake of introductions, I will say that am a 20 year old (just this past month!) heterosexual who is actually quite phobic of cats. 

I am, however, bitter about the failure of the Women's Movement in decades past. I'm bitter because I see a rapid regression in our society in regards to women. I'm bitter because when I go off on a rant about the cultural inequalities women face every day both men and women laugh at me. And maybe it is a little funny to see a five foot tall girl go off like that, but still.

 We're in a scary time. Our generation has the weight of the world on our shoulders, quite literally, and we're too afraid to act because we're overwhelmed by the task at hand. We feel powerless. So instead we turn to apathy and accept the title of "Generation Meh" because, meh, why change it.

But I think we can. I think there's 50% of the population that isn't quite accounted for. I think there's 50% of the population that is misrepresented in the media, that is deterred from living up to their potential, that is deferred from sharing their voices. 

So, women, let's band together. We are special. We are valuable. We are intelligent, witty, sexual, powerful creatures. We all have a story to tell. So let's tell it. 

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  1. Couldn't agree more with you A. Woman. I just want to say though that men are victims to this too. The imbalance between and the constrictions placed upon both sexes is stifling. I think a problem with the perception of feminism is that people think it's about hating men. That's just a huge misinterpretation, in fact that's sexism which is exactly what we're fighting against. What I'm opposed to is the idea that anyone (in this case men) has power over my body, or my mind. Girls my age (20) have become so dis empowered. They degrade themselves daily for men because it seems they don't value themselves, it's like they don't know they own themselves, we are not owned by anyone else. Our bodies, our minds and most pertinently our dignity is all our own and it's time for the young women to claim that, and stop shitting on their own sense of self worth. This is something I feel strongly about because I have watched countless young women waste their intelligence and talent in order to fit with this pathetic standard of what is expected of them. We're not living in the 1950s! The Women's Movement happened! Why are so many girls so ready to throw that away?