Friday, March 5, 2010

Eve Ensler, you can bite my apple any day.

Hello there my lovely vaginas (and the occasional [homosexual] penis),

Tonight is a very special night for I will be performing in the vagina monologues. Fittingly enough, my monologue is called "the woman who loves to make vaginas happy." And you know what, I really do. Not the character. Me. The Actor. I, A. Woman, truly loves to make vaginas happy. Unfortunately I cannot do so by going down on women for money as my character does (I mean I suppose I could but let's just wait a few years and see how my financial situation is once I graduate...) but I created this blog in hopes of making all you vaginas out there a little happier about your own vagina. And so I'd like to take a few things I learned from the show and throw it out there to you guys who didn't get to see it. Let's start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.

"Hair. You cannot love a vagina unless you love hair." Now, my personal pubic preference does not always mirror this statement but I would just like to acknowledge how valid it is. It grows there. It is part of our body. We might shave it, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't love it. I might peel my carrot but I still respect and love that it grows with an extra layer. If it didn't, it would simply not be a carrot and I wouldn't be able to adequately enjoy my salad.

"It [the clitoris] is both the doorbell to the house and the house itself... Be my clitoris" For those of you wondering what exactly that means (as I did at first), take a bath. Take a long hot bath. A lot of people suggest you look at it with a mirror, and that's important too. But I think there's something to be said for feeling around, not even in a masturbatory kind of way, just feel around to honestly know what's down there.

My call is in 15 minutes so I'm gonna have to bring this to an early conclusion.

There is a saying that "men think with their penises." Women do not think with their vaginas. That's because we ARE our vaginas."

YOUR VAGINA IS YOU. YOU ARE YOUR VAGINA. Its is not an extension of you, a pal, a pet, or something reserved for sexual pleasure IT IS YOU. When you laugh, or cry, or sigh, or beg, when feel anything your vagina feels it too. It feels because it is. Eve Ensler reminds us that "we forget our vaginas." I am so thankful for the opportunity to be in this show because it has made me remember. Even feminists forget. It's easy to forget with the media, and horror stories in the news, and it's even easy to forget when your life is going well because we're just not thinking about it.

Today I ask that we all try to remember. Because when we forget our vaginas, we forget ourselves.

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  1. I love this entry SO MUCH!! And I loved working on the Vagina Monologues with you! :)